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Giving local people a voice on health and social care services in County Durham

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Sustainability Transformation Plans

Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) were created in 2015 to enable “place-based” planning to health and social care. In each STP area, local NHS organisations and councils are expected to work together, and engage people, in developing plans for future services.

Our staff and board members went to 15 different engagement events in our region organised by the Better Health Programme and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). We shared our thoughts about their engagement with the public in an independent report. Our recommendations included that STPs should engage with a wider range of people and allow adequate time for them to share both ideas and concerns.

We have been told our recommendations will be used by the STP Programme Board in planning 2018 engagement with the public. We’ve also shared our findings with the Health Select Committee as part of a national review of STPs.

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